Automatic Coffee Tamper

When it comes to making quality espresso, a good tamper is something that you must get. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a casual coffee maker at home or plan to start a new coffee shop, an excellent tampering machine is important to ensure the quality of the coffee you make.

There are many different options on the market. But did you ever hear about the Automatic Tamper? That’s right. CINOART automatic coffee tamper is designed to save you both time and money. It’s easy to use and to operate with; the Cinoart automatic espresso tamper will knock you off your feet.

Two different types of CINOART coffee tampers

A quick look into CINOART espresso tampers

Why do we even need to tamp? Let me explain. The coffee grounds are rarely the same size. We need a way of ensuring somehow that the water pushes through the crammed grinds equally. We’re doing so by pressing them down. Tamping is small, but still one of the essential processes in the espresso preparation. Everyone wants a quality shot of espresso, and with CINOART espresso coffee tamper, you can achieve it.

So in order to inject the coffee in your coffee maker, you’ll need to force it down or compress it into the filter holder. You can’t put it back in the machine to pull the espresso shot before that. And that’s where an automatic tamper comes in.

Tampers are required to compress the coffee grounds. If the grounds are more compact, it will be much harder for warm water to flow through grounds. While the water tries to get through the coffee, it also absorbs the flavor of the coffee and produces the cream, creating the espresso of a higher quality overall.

If you choose the CINOART Automatic Coffee Tamper, you’ll never tamp unevenly again. This espresso tamper increases workflow by 30% and significantly enhances the quality of your espresso.


CINOART TP-1808 completely revolutionizes espresso tamping; Anybody can become Pro Barista, within seconds. Our product is simple to use and make a perfectly smooth and more consistent coffee than ever before!

Main Features:

  • 3 buttons to quickly switch the pressure
  • You can adjust the pressure and save it for each button
  • Has a built-in record function, in order to calculate how many times it’s used
  • Our product has a guiding device with a detailed guide. Ground coffee will be flat every time!

2020 automatic tamper
automatic tamper


CINOART TP-1908 is an upgraded version of the previous TP-1808. It’s much smaller and lighter, but don’t let it fool you; you can adjust the pressure from 2kg to 38kg, and it’s made of stainless steel. We use only the best materials when making automatic coffee tampers.

Main Features:

  • 3 buttons to quickly switch the pressure
  • You can adjust the pressure and save it for each button
  • Has a built-in record function, in order to calculate how many times it’s used
  • Our product has a guiding device with a detailed guide. Ground coffee will be flat every time!

How It Works Exactly

Few seconds to learn, one second to be Pro Barista

ground coffee

Step 1:
Prepare the Ground Coffee

tamp coffee

Step 2:
Put the ground coffee on the lower clamp

CINOART Auto-Tamper Used For

event service

Corporate Events

coffee shop

Coffee Shop/Bar



Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

What is the CINOART Automatic Tamper?

When you make espresso with Semi-automatic Coffee Machine, you should make the ground coffee with a grinder, and tamp the coffee with tamper, and then brew it. CINOART auto tamper could help you make the tamping simple, fast, and flawless. Our product is simple to use and make a perfectly smooth and more consistent coffee than ever before!

How The CINOART Auto Tamper Machine Works?

When your ground coffee is ready, place it on the lower clamp of the machine. There is a sensor to monitor the basket; when the basket is in the right position, it will start tamping almost instantly. The automatic tamper that CINOART produce is easy to use and to operate with, and it will save you both time and money.

Will Buying The CINOART Auto-Tamper Benefit My Business?

The auto tamper machine is a new and easy way for people to tamp ground coffee. You may know that many baristas spend too much time learning how to tamp. Every day they make hundreds of coffees, and it’s hard for them to make sure each time the tamping force is right, and it influences the brew.
The CINOART auto tamper machine could help you make the tamping simple, fast, and flawless. Our product is quick and simple to use. You’ll finally be able to make a consistent and perfectly smooth coffee every time!

Do I Need An Excellent Barista For This Machine?

No, you don’t! CINOART automatic tamper is extremely easy to work with!
The tamp is entirely level and consistent, delivering a flatbed. Expect high-quality shots of espresso; You won’t depend on baristas skill or uneven tamps. There will be no confounding flavor changes amongst baristas—just an efficient, outstanding espresso.

Does CINOART Auto Tamper With Any Warranty?

Yes, all of our machines are covered by a one-year warranty.

From Which Material Is CINOART Automatic Tamper Made of?

Cinoart’s auto-tampers are made of stainless steel, with full metal frame and exterior.

Do I Need Trained Personnel To Install The Auto Espresso Tamper Machine?

No, sir, you don’t. The intuitive management of CINOART ® is indeed a significant advantage. The CINOART Auto Espresso Tamper Machine is pre-configured as a plug & play device. This means it’s up and ready for immediate use in just a few minutes.

I Have A Small Coffee Shop, Isn’t The Auto-Temper Too Big?

Thanks to its size, Cinoart’s automatic temper suits beautifully even in the tiniest coffee shop bars.

Does It Take Too Long To Learn How To Use The Automatic Tamper?

There is no need for specialized training. The CINOART Auto Tamper only takes a few minutes to learn; they are designed to be quick and easy to use!

What Are The Set-Up Requirements?

You’ll need a standard electrical outlet, and a sturdy countertop located next to your coffee grinder or coffee machine.

How Much Time CINOART Automatic Tamper Needs For One Tamping?

Our auto-tamper machine is rapidly fast. It takes between 1 and 2 seconds, so we feel confident to use the word Instant tamping! Additionally, you can manually set the tamp time.

Can I Change The Tamper?

Yes, it can be changed. There are many types of baskets, and you can always use a different one. The default size of the tamper is 58mm.

Can CINOART Auto-Tamper cause any injuries?

The automatic tampering methodology is quick and easy to learn. After that, you will almost remove the chance of tamp-related wrists and shoulders injuries to the bartenders, which seem to be a regular thing.

What’s Our Clients Said

I’m a barista trainer, and I actually earn my money from teaching people how to use hand tamping, and I don’t want to do it anymore, I really don’t want to teach people how to tamp with the old one, I know it’s not great for their health if they’re in a busy cafe. And the second is, it takes too much time and correction, when it’s much easier to just teach them how to use CINOART automatic tamper. I’d rather to teach them something that’s gonna be much more relevant to them and their life.

It makes sense to do manual tamping, it was popular once, but it was done, it was finished. I saw many people who end up swelling up and just getting really injured sometimes in their work. This is the stuff that I figured out in my history as a barista. And now you don’t have to do that really. The introduction of the CINOART automatic tamper is really a revolutionary news surrounding tamping and it works for me well.

For years, choosing the tamper and learning how to tamp was a crucial step in making consistently excellent espresso. I taught the right and simple techniques to hundreds of barista around the world. Opposite to using the automatic coffee tamper machine, the classic one is a little bit slower around the extraction process. We’re not want to back to old school to use classic tamper like a piece of metal or plastic just like doing the dump work. Because we’re now having great fun with automatic tamper. To be honest, I much more prefer the automatic one.

When we first came across auto-tamper, I thought it had to be test first. Because we’re not gonna put anything in that’s gonna change the workflow without testing it first. But all the tests said it was more consistent than a barista. It was faster than a barista, so, it went on board, and then, it’s strange for barista sometimes, like it takes a few hours to get used to it, and then once you’ve tried to it, you don’t really want to go back again.

What I was expecting was like consistency and easier workflow, but it well, just it’s easier and it’s more consistent between barista. We unbox it,  I thought it’s gonna be quite a bigger but I was surprised it’s so like small and it’s fitting there quite nicely, looks in a bar nicely. So, I’m happy with it. Then, I try it out excited, the first time I realized there are so many differences between me and my employees with tamping because you see everyone doing it a little bit different with a different power, different angle and everything. But the machine is so consistent and it’s so much easier. And going back to the tamping, we feel like we are in Stone Ages, when we are like tamping classes or something. It’s quite funny, you easily get used to it and it’s really hard to go back.

I’ve been using these hand tampers now for 19 years, I love them. But now, I don’t really use them these days, to be honest. I’ve definitely fallen in love with automatic tamping. Well, it’s faster, it’s more consistent, yes, we all know that, but it’s more than that. As a cafe owner, I like the idea that the conversation about hand tamping has gone away. We don’t need to talk about tamping techniques anymore. No longer do I have to stand working in a cafe, arguing, or discussing different tamping. I can now concentrate on much more important things.

It’s a pretty nice workflow improvement as well as tamping automatically like this takes a lot of stress off the barista. So you’re going to see less repetitive strain incidents, those can be costly, just because you know, your baristas have to go out maybe they have to take some time off to rest their wrists or arms, or elbows.

When people try it for the first time, they were shocked, they put the powder basket in the machine and they think “What do I do now? ” They’re stood there for a moment, it’s like, “Oh! I just put it in the machine, press the button”. Actually, it done! Cause you’re thinking it’s too easy. Your barista should know this.

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