CINOART 2 Upgrade From CINOART 1



In case the damage during the transportation, so we packaged our machine with wooden box at the beginning, some of our clients feedback to us that there was a risk to get hurt by the wooden box, so we upgrade CINOART 1 to CINOART 2 with little difference of the shape. And use paper box instead of wooden box.

latte coffee printerpaper box latte coffee printer

And during that year, there were more and more clients chosen our CINAORT 2 coffee printer, such as Tencent, Shangri-La, Porsche, and we were the partner of Budweiser China in 2018, because Budweiser are in charge of Guinness in the main land of China, our printer make the photo on the foam of Guinness, they called it Guinness beer printer.